About The Project



Our activism led us to meet thousands of families devastated by the opioid crisis. The
pain and heartbreak we witnessed during our travels were intense. The memories and
stories of there loved one is all they have left. This project is a way to memorialize the
lives lost. The everyday stories of growing up, birthday parties, and proms are all part of
our memories.

This project is about telling stories.



We start with the collection of memories and stories from families who have lost loved ones to the opioid crisis. The team behind the project will select eight stories to represent on the doors. We will share more memories on the website.

Images of the stories will first be carved in clay. These clay panels will then be cast in

The bronze panels, 19” x 24”, will be bolted to a pair of steel doors. One of the doors will be
partially open to allow people to walk through.

On the back of the doors, there will be inscriptions of prayer, quotes, and education about the national opioid crisis.

The doors will be set atop a stepped granite platform. At night, viewers will see the sculpture
lit from within.

The name of the individual memorialized on each plaque will be carved on a pedestal, along with links to the project’s website, where visitors will be able to listen to an audio recording of that individual’s story, as spoken by their loved one.

Additionally, the visitor will have access to the ever-growing collection of memories that we will continue to collect on the web site.



The Gates of Paradise are a pair of gilded bronze doors designed by the sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti for the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Florence. Each door consists of five panels sculpted in low relief which depict stories of loss, justice and change from the Old Testament.

Considered a masterpiece of Early Renaissance art, they are widely studied by students of Art and Art History and are seen by countless visitors to Florence. Domenic Esposito visited the Gates of Paradise with his family while developing the Memorial Doors Project. He was hugely impressed by their technical achievement as well as the power of their storytelling.

Esposito wants this Memorial Doors Project to become a destination for those affected by the opioid crisis, where they can come together to mourn, remember, and stimulate change.




The Opioid Spoon Project (OSP) is a nationally
recognized artist- and activist-driven initiative
committed to informing and educating the public
about this unfolding tragedy, the opioid crisis,
and promoting awareness about the white-collar
criminals’ greed and indifference who brought it to life.

This all-inclusive project is committed to
influencing change in the opioid crisis that
has devastated countless lives and families
worldwide. Giving the victims and survivors of
this tragedy a community and a unified voice,
The Opioid Spoon Project seeks justice and true
accountability for the architects of this global