About The Artist


Domenic Esposito is an artist and activist who achieved national attention through the massive opioid spoon sculptures he placed on the doorsteps of those he deems to be major contributors to the opioid crisis. He founded the Opioid Spoon Project, a 501(c)(3) in 2018 to serve as the voice of truth, solutions, and as a platform for constructive social change and legal accountability for the opioid epidemic and its deadly and destructive effects on people from all walks of life.

An obsession with metalworking set the artist on his current path. The process he employs marries older sculpting methods such as blacksmithing, ironworking, and sand casting with modern-day industrial design utilizing CAD (Computer-Aided Design). In his work, the artist seeks to incorporate cultural elements that go beyond his native Italian aesthetic. In particular, many of his earlier pieces draw upon Asian architectural aesthetics embodying peace and tranquility. His current work is increasingly emotional and wrought with social messages demonstrating an artist coming into his own.

His works have been exhibited at many galleries and art fairs, including Speak Up, at the Piano Craft Gallery, Boston; Scope, NYC; Art Palm Beach; the SOFA Chicago Art Fair in 2019; and his first solo exhibition, ‘We’re Only Human,’ at Canvas Fine Arts in Boston. His work “Accountability” won ‘Best in Show’ at the Arts Benicia Juried Show in California in 2019.

The son of immigrant Italian parents, Esposito, was raised in both Boston and Italy. Esposito’s path to sculpture came later in life when, after a successful career in finance, he attended classes at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Stonybrook Fine Arts, Artist Asylum, and Prospect Hill Forge. He currently works and resides in Westwood, MA, with his family.

Domenic Esposito Artist Portrait