Remembering the Half Million Lives Lost To The Opioid Crisis


What is The Memorial Doors Project? 

The Memorial Door Project is a collaboration with Domenic Esposito, the Opioid Spoon Project, and the families of people who are victims of the national opioid crisis.

The project is a memorial for those who are casualties of addiction. It will consist of eight narrative bronze panels, set into a large scale public sculpture.  Each panel on the door will depict a memory, told orally, of a loved one and the normalcy of their lives pre-addiction.

These everyday and mundane moments are what we hold onto when we remember those we lost.

How he always skipped over the first two slices of bread…
How she smiled when she was playing the guitar when no one was watching…
The cackle laughter when they told a joke that just really was not that funny…

The Memorial Doors Project will forever memorialize these seemingly unimportant moments of their lives in bronze.